Jirvana Workshops

Life circumstances can create blocks that prevent us from living a full and satisfying life. Issues such as: addictions, anxiety, grief, depression, shame, trauma and unhealthy relationships, these things can distort our beliefs about ourselves--blocking us from becoming who we truly are and who we truly want to be.

JIRVANA Workshops offers you a rare place to do your work. We create a safe, loving container for you and six others to come together to explore you. This is a 3-day process, intended to help you identify and start working through current issues or trauma that has has haunted you for years.

We use a unique experiential group process that helps you to see your life from a different perspective and make changes to release & heal the wounds of your past. You can learn to reconnect with feelings and learn to express them. Start to raise your self esteem by identifying and beginning to change self-destructive patterns. You will be assisted in creating a new plan for your future and have a safe and supportive place to practice that plan.

​JIRVANA Workshops can help you change that which need to be changed, heal the pain living can bring, and grow into the person you want to be and are meant to be.


About Jirvana Workshop, from founder Matt Misuraca