Couples/Family Therapy


The couples work:

I use several experiential tools to help you and your partner have the opportunity to look at what is happening between you in your relationship and do something about it. These tools allow you to see your part; while allowing your partner to do the same.

This process allows each person the opportunity to ask for what they want, and hear what your partner is asking for. Believe it or not, there is space in relationships for both parties to have their own reality, their own beliefs (even when they don't agree) and still get along and still love each other.

This process can offer you the opportunity to create an environment of love, respect and healing between you and your partner. You will practice giving to each other in a new way. You will have the opportunity to identify old family of origin wounds, see how they are impacting your relationship today and have the opportunity to heal them.


Often in families, the communication style and what is not being said are the real issues. Family members have the opportunity to identify the family's style of communication and the family's coalitions and alignments. We will look at the family's type of boundaries or lack of boundaries. The family learns healthy communication styles & learn to set and hold healthy boundaries. The goal of family therapy is the resolution of dysfunctional alignments and coalitions and creating boundaries and better communication in order to create a strong, healthy and loving family. Family members are guided and encouraged to respect the opinions and beliefs of their fellow family members and encouraged to respect their own beliefs and opinions, creating space for both to exist in the family together. Family members are helped to define their role and fulfill that role or not. I believe that when a family learns to express themselves better, they are better understood. I believe this creates a more open and flexible family system.